Antiques Direct From France

Spring 2019 Auction Catalogue

Please print and bring with you to the auction as none will be provided at the venue.
3  19th cent one mirror door walnut armoire with fine carvings on bottom drawer. H230 x W105cm
8  19th c gilt and bronze patina spelter mantel clock. Moise with the 10 comandment tablets. H36 x W39cm.
9  Large 19th c gilt and silver spelter clock,'The horsman's rest'. H47 x 38cm.
12  19th cent lidded pewter lunch pot almost certainly by 'Bouviers', Clamecy, dia.19,5cm and rare doble lidded jar holder.
13  Two 18th/19th ?cent Chinese/Japanese? wooden sculpted statues of men. Max. H20cm.
19  Round (elec.) white alabaster column. H91cm.
22  19th cent English? ccolor ingraving of hunting scene. H65xW79cm.
23  Early cent Louis XV grey painted fire screen. H85xW55cm.
24  Six 19th cent sand stone potteries. Max H 30cm.
25  Pair 19th cent Louis XV caned seat and back chairs.
27  Two pairs of louis XVI gilt bronze curtain tie backs.
28  Mid cent gilt bronze Empire style three light ''Bouillotte'' lamp. H 61cm.
30  Beautiful pair of 19th cent Louis XVI white marble five light candelabras with gilt bronze decor. H57cm.
37  Large turn cent (Nankin) ''green family'' plate with animated and floral scenes. Dia. 36Cm
40  Small louis XV style three drawer marquetry side table. H73xW20,5xD22cm.
41  Two mid cent Louis XV three drawer marquetry side tables.
43  Large pair early cent Louis XVI marble and bronze lidded urns. H45cm.
44  Early cent flower decorated vase / lamp on a patinated brass base. H35cm (vase)
47  19th cent Louis XVI single door / drawer marble top 'Buffet' with fine marquetry. H108xW80xD39cm.
49  19th c Nap.lll black marble mantle clock. H25 x W44cm.
50  Two hammered ''parecloses'' brass mirrors. H66xW40cm & H54xW32cm.
51  Framed oil painting on canvas of country side by river. H56 x W65cm.
53  19th cent Venitian 'parecloses' mirror. (acc.) H126 x W72cm.
55  19th cent L.XV / L.XVI Transition single door, marble top three sided mahogany vitrine. H141xW62xD34cm.
56  Turn cent alabaster suspension with a large center bowl, dia.45cm sided by four rose shaped glassware, gilt brass chains.
60  Two 19th cent leather bound photo albums. 21X25cm & 16x22cm.
62  19th cent large green leather bound photo album (with photos).
63  Various 19th cent photos, mainly portaits.
66  Tall 19th cent glass dome, not original base. H63cm.
67  Large oil painting on canvas of chained naked woman. H99 x W64,5cm.
68  19th cent large green leather bound photo album (with photos).
71  19th cent Louis XVI portico clock,H42cm. garniture with bronze patinated spelter statue of lady & pr. gilt lidded vases,H37cm.
72  Fairly large turn cent gilt bronze three stage, eight light crystal chandelier. H75cm.
73  19th c. double patina, gilt base and bronze wash spelter mantle clock with statue of lady. H33 x W38cm.
74  Tall turn cent marble column (elec.) oil lamp on a bronze base. H 60cm.
75  Two gold plated pocket watches.
78  Tall 19th cent Louis XV red marble(rep.) top 'chiffonier'. H98,5xW44xD41cm.
80  HERMES foulard with box. ''La Berline d'Or''
82  Two Louis XV style two drawer marquetry side tables.
84  19th cent glass dome with bridal bouquet. H52cm.
87  Set of nine graduated copper pans with one lid. Max dia.27cm.
88  19th cent Nap.lll black stained chair.
89  Pair tall 19th cent Nap.III gilt bronze four light candelabras on black marble base. H 61cm.
90  19th c Nap.III fine marquetry portico clock. H 46cm.
92  Large 19th c Louis XIV gilt bronze clock ( 57cm.)garniture sided by large pair five light candelabras, H62cm.
93  Pr 19th cent Nap.lll plant vases with floral and gilt decor. H14,5x dia.14,5cm.
97  Set of nine graduated copper pans with one lid. Max dia.30cm.
98  Pair Louis XV style three drawer marquetry side tables. H74xW33xD26cm.
99  Set of five crystal ingraved liquor decanters. H 30cm.
102  Turn c Sienna marble clock (H31xW45cm.) garniture sided by pair of 'cassolets'.
103  19th cent Louis XV gold leaf bevelled mirror. H145 x W104cm.
104  Tall carved easel with adjustable base.
105  Hand made Ispahen wool Persian carpet. 275 x 185
106  Hand made Ispahen wool Persian carpet. 279 x 185
107  19th cent (elec.) six light bronze crystal chandelier
108  19th cent Henry ll richly carved three stage oak hunt cupboard. H214xW140xD60. (3 stage H250cm).
109  19th cent oval Henri ll oak dining table with richly carved base with 2 extra leaves.H71xW130xD114cm.(open 190cm)
110  19th cent six Henri ll richly carved oak caned chairs.
111  Large set of 4 gilt bronze Louis XVI style three light wall sconces. H 64cm.
112  set of seven graduated copper pans with two lids. Max dia.30cm.
113  Set ot nine copper pans. Max dia. 28cm.
114  Fairly large bronze wash spelter mantle clock; young gladiator racing with horses on a chariot. H53xW53xD30cm.
116  Ealy cent Louis XVI painted trumeau with gilt highlights and countryside landscape painting above. H193 x W88cm.
119  19th cent glass dome. H42cm.
120  Large pr 19th cent Chinese Nankin porcelain vases with warriors battle decor. H 45,5cm.
121  Small turn cent Louis XVI two door country walnut vitrine. H175xW78xD39cm.
122  Early 19th cent Charles X white marble top, rosewood single door/drawer side table. H79xW41xD38cm
123  Elegant, early 19th cent Charles X rosewood, single drawer drop leaves desk table. H73xW99,5xD50cm (open)
125  19th cent Louis XVI gold leaf bevelled mirror with finely ornated top.(small acc.) H129 x W90cm.
126  Turn c bronze wash spelter mantel clock with puttis sailing with young woman. H52xW36cm.
127  Large 19th cent Nap.lll black marble mantel clock with bronze wash spelter statue of woman and child. H64,5xW47cm.
128  Early cent bronze wash spelter mantel clock; lioness signed 'Cartier'. H43xW63cm.
129  Large Art Deco marble and glass cage clock with gilt bronze dog resting on top. H56xW38cm.
135  Turn cent Louis XVI striped velour covered armchair (and small L.XVI style kidney shaped table).
138  Early cent six light crystal and brass three stage cage chandelier. H93cm
139  Early cent eight light two clolor crystal and brass cage chandelier.
140  19th cent Louis XVI single door, marble top painted vitrine ornated with three puttis musicians. H165xW68xD38cm.
141  Early cent Louis XV finely carved ''Corbeill'' settee with (struck?) velvet. W175cm.
142  Pair early cent Louis XV finely carved armchairs with (struck?) velvet.
143  Pr 19th cent painted Louis XVI armchairs covered by salmon color floral pattern tissue.
144  Pr 19th cent painted Louis XVI chairs covered by salmon color floral pattern tissue.
145  Early/mid cent three stages six light crystal bronze 'cage' chandelier. H65cm.
146  Pair vintage Italian? Armchairs upholstered in red & black.
149  3 Hermes ties.
150  Large Limoges porcelain gilt rim dining set including a gilt/red set.
151  Five light bicolor crystal 'cage' chandelier. H 67cm.
152  19th cent Louis XVI single door painted vitrine. H
153  19th cent Louis XV single beveled mirror door mahogany armoire. H231xW120xD52cm.
154  Turn cent Louis XV / XVI Transition three drawer, marble top rosewood and mahogany? oval side tables.
155  19th c Nap.lll black/red marble mantel clockwith bronze statue of woman resting by arp. M
158  Early cent green painted iron six light, two tones crystal chandelier. H 64cm.
159  19th c bronze wash spelter clock garniture of two puttis by fountain (of youth?) H41cm and lidded vases H39cm
160  19th c red oval marble mantle clock. H22 x W31cm.
161  Set of eight caned Louis XV country chairs along with six cushions.
162  19th cent Louis XV marble top 'faux chiffonier'. H92xW38xD36cm.
163  Set of Six caned Louis XV country chairs with X stretcher along with six leather cushions.
169  19th cent ''Bouillotte'' gilt bronze table lamp (elec.) with metal painted ajustable shade. H62cm.
171  Early cent gilt bronze Empire two light 'Bouillotte' table lamp with red painted metal lampshade. H58cm.
172  Pr Louis VX light cream color fabric finely carved armchairs.
173  Pr Louis VX light cream color fabric finely carved chairs.
174  19th c Louis XVI gilt bronze and white marble wall Cartel ornated with ''Diamonds''. H19cm.
175  Large 19th c onyx mantel clock. H19xW39.5xD20cm.
176  Early cent Louis XV two drawer, marble top 'Demi-lune' commode. H72xW66xD35cm.
177  Pair Louis XV style two drawer, marble top side tables.
179  Turn cent Chinese pink family porcelaine vase with floral decor. H36cm.
182  Silver plated platter with highlighted leaf decor by Gallia probably for Christofle. 51 x 34,5cm.
183  50's/60's folding bar cart with two platters by Gerlinol. 41 x 60,5cm (platter only).
184  Pair 19th cent Charles X finely sculpted alabaster vases. (acc.) H25,5cm.
186  Tall 19th cent bronze wash spelter statue of Diane the huntress, H 62cm.
190  Pair 19th cent ''N'' crowned Napolitan porcelaine gilded vases with Mediterranean maritime painted scenes. H28cm.
191  Turn cent, white varnished ceramic statue of couple with child. H 36cm.
192  Large turn cent bronze wash spelter statue of man. B.G. Germain. H 64cm.
193  Large turn cent? Turkish carpet. 360 x 255cm.
195  Elegant Louis XV / XVI Transition two drawer, marble top fine marquetry commode with musical attributes. H85,5xW111xD54cm.
196  HERMES foulard with box.'' Le Roi Soleil''
198  Early/mid cent three stages six light crystal bronze chandelier. H63cm.
202  Limoges tea / coffee and dinner service
203  Set of eight copper pans.
204  Early cent Louis XVl / XV (Transition) three drawer, marble top commode.H80xW68xD37cm.
205  Late 19th cent Louis XVI three drawer, marble top commode with floral marquetry center medallion. H86xW112xD55cm.
207  19th cent Family Rose Nankin ceramic vase / lamp with Chinese worriors decor on gilt bronze base H29cm. Tot.H52cm
208  Turn cent Louis XVI gold leaf richly ornated oval mirror. H46cm.
210  Large 19th cent Louis XVI painted mirror. H193 x W118cm.
211  Early 19th c straight walnut clock case with 18th / 19th c mouvement. H259cm.
212  19th c painted pine, violin shaped granfather clock. H235cm
213  Turn cent straight oak clock case with mid 19th c clock movement. H251cm
215  Turn cent L.XVI / L.XV Transition two drawer, marble top fine marquetry commode with gilt bronze orn. H
216  19th cent blond walnut marble top Louis Ph. Commode. Top drawer tilts opens to reveal desk. H99xW124xD58cm.
217  19th c Nap.lll black marble mantle clock with bronze statue of kneeling girl with ball game. H39xW36cm.
219  Baccarat crystal six facet round vase, H 17,5cm and a small Daum vase H 9cm.
220  Six Baccarat wine glasses in original box. H19cm.
221  Six Baccarat wine glasses in original box. H19cm.
222  Three sets of various size Baccarat crystal glasses with original boxes.
226  Stunning, large 19th cent gold leaf mirror ornated with rasin and leaves. H138 x W96cm.
230  Louis XVI style 2+3 drawer marble top mahogany commode with various gilt bronze ornaments. H88xW124xD53cm.
236  19th c gilt spelter mantel clock with statue of ''Summer girl''. H30xW32cm.
238  Turn cent tapestry with animated medieval scene on abundant floral back ground. H122 x W152cm
240  19th cent Naplll, Louis XV rosewood double bed with richly sculpted pediment. Max W145cm.
244  19th cent L.XV / L.XVI Transition three sided glass marble top vitrine with brass gallery. H138 x W70xD30cm.
245  Oriental wool carpet; 250 x 185cm.
247  Large oriental wool carpet; 460 x 340cm.
249  HERMES foulard. ''Les Eperons''.
250  HERMES foulard with box.
251  19th cent Nap.lll liquor cabinet with fine marquetry inlay. (top spit).
256  19th cent Louis XVI single doormahogany vitrine with gilt brass inlay ornaments. H227 (215cm – pediment) xW108xD51cm.
257  HERMES foulard with box. ''Plumes et Grebots''.
258  HERMES foulard with box. ''Passemanterie''.
259  HERMES foulard with box. ''Les chevaux''
266  19th c gilt bronze and spelter mantle clock with statue of lady with harp. H38 x W26cm.
267  Large 19th cent glass dome. H51cm.
270  Large pair Louis XV style red velvet covered bergeres with 'ears' wing sides.
271  Quality three door Louis XVI armoire with fine marquetry and gilt bronze ornaments. (dismant.)
272  Turn cent Louis XVI double bed with fine marquetry and gilt bronze ornaments.
273  Pair of Louis XVl style three drawer and single drawer marble top side tables. H84xW47xD40cm.
274  Pair of fine Louis XVI marquetry chairs.
275  Small 18th cent Louis XVI gilt framed mirror. H50 x W42,5cm.
276  19th cent Louis XV Rococo style gold leaf mirror. H81 x W53cm.
278  Empire style dark green veined marble top on a three column base H71 x dia.50cm.
279  Large pair bronze wash spelter lidded vases on a green marble base. H45cm.
280  19th cent finely sculpted Normandy two door dark oak armoire; top half vitrine. H214xW144xD56cm.
281   Round Louis XV low center table with floral marquetry top and brass skirt. H50 x dia.61cm.
282  Gilt painted metal two tier selette table with alabaster tops. H 78 x dia,38cm.
283  Alabaster column (elec.) H 101cm.
284  19th cent Empire barometer / thermometer. H93cm.
285  Pair gilt bronze round lanterns with one piece cut glass 'shade'. Tot. H50cm.
286  Turn cent? Gilt bronze/brass barber stand with tilt oval mirror. H 159cm.
287  Early 19th c Restauration period black marble mantel clock with gilt bronze ornaments. H33x W22cm.
289  19th cent Louis Ph. Burl walnut grey marble top side table. H73,5xW38xD32cm.
290  19th cent Oil on canvas of girl with puppy. H87 x W77cm with frame (acc.)
291  19th cent monogrammed white with gold rim tea/coffee, porcelaine de Paris set.
293  Silver plated Art Deco metal Champagne bucket. H18 x dia.18cm.
294  Three Chinese decor plates by Mason's. Dia 23cm.
295  Turn cent. Louis XVI, five drawers and brown leather top desk with two side leaf pulls. H76xW130xD70cm.
296  Tea / coffee Limoges porcelaine set.
297  Large Limoges porcelaine service including tea/coffee and desert set.
298  Three pannel fauna and floral decorated wind screen. H123xW48cm (open 144cm)
299  Single door Louis XV 'Verni Martin' bombee' vitrine with gilt bronze ornaments. H173xW76xD38cm.
301  19th c gilt spelter mantle clock with statue of girl. H32.5xW37cm.
304  Hand woven red Pakistan wool carpet with lozenge geometrical pattern. 310 x 184cm.
305  19th c gilt spelter mantle clock with statue of ''Wine maker''. H303xW29cm.
306  19th cent glass dome. H39cm. (pair with 543?)
307  Tea / coffee white/gold porcelain set with 12 cups & saucers. Limoge like, German manuf.
308  Set of 12 Quimper oyster dishes with main platter dia.36cm.
309  19th cent Louis XV nine light gilt bronze chandelier. H 84 x dia.64cm.
311  Louis XV style single drawer marquetry side table with gilt bronze ornaments. H78x38,5x38,5cm.
316  19th cent gilt bronze candelsticks 'Restauration' period. H28cm.
320  Pair Directoire style armchairs covered in green pastel silk(?)
321  Pair Directoire style bergeres covered in green pastel silk(?)
322  Turn cent Louis XVI painted piano chair with caned seat and arm rest. W65 x D41cm.
323  19th cent very finely carved Louis XV violin shaped marble top walnut table. H73xW67xD47cm.
324  Pr plates Barbeaux, dia 24cm and two Chinese, green and rose family (+ small Canton vase acc). H30cm.
325  Large 18 / 19th cent oval violin shaped platter. W 41cm.
327  19th c gilt spelter mantel clock with statues of young couple courting. H36 x W37cm.
329  19th cent glass dome. H47cm.
331  Pair 20th cent Chinese porcelaine vases with floral, animal and calligraph decor. H 32cm.
332  Turn cent Louis XVI painted trumeau mirror with gilt on decorative parts. H140 x W85cm.
333  White marble/alabaster table lamp. H 43cm.
334  Various collectable Burago cars :3 Ferrari, Enzo, Renault Alpine ....
336  Set of five crystal ingraved liquor decanters. H 27cm.
337  Pair 19th cent crystal cut decanters. H 31cm.
338  Pair 19th brass candle sticks. H24cm
339  Two stage painter's easel.
340  Pair 19th cent Louis XVI gilt wooden frame mirrors. H 75 x W62cm.
341  70's / 80's smoked glass top three stage polished bras, bar cart on wheels.
342  Green painted cast iron wall fountain. H57cm.
343  Large pair of blue / white Delft faience vases with typical Duch country scenes. H48cm.
344  Pair two light gilt brass, crystal wall sconces.
345  Stunning and large richly ornated gilt bronze Renaissance elec. Candelabra. H 70cm.
346  19th c gilt bronze three piece Louis XIV clock garniture sided by pair five light candelabras.
347  Two large turn cent, bronze wash spelter female statues; ''La liberte'' & ''La surprise''. H 57cm.
349  Large 19th cent Nap.lll gilt painted mirror with ornated pediment. H180 x W118cm.
350  Set of 4 turn cent Louis XVI painted armchairs with velour seatings.
351  Louis XVI style low ''Bouillotte'' marble top center table with two drawers & side tablets. H57,5 x dia.65cm.
352  Early cent Louis XV richly and finely carved, marble top salon coffee table. H45xW100xD50cm.
353  Chinese red cinnabar sculpted vase. H26,5cm.
354  small hand woven carpet.110 x 66cm.
355  Louis XV / XVI Tansition two drawer, marble top marquetry commode. H80xW72xD38cm.
356  19th cent unusal shape gold leaf mirror with laurel ornated pediment. H70 x W79cm.
360  Louis XVI style two door, two drawer marble top buffet. H105xW133xD49cm.
361  Fairly large bronze wash spelter mantle clock; ''Victort'' racing with horses on a chariot. F.Moreau. H51xW545cm.
362  Pair finely carved 19th cent Louis XV blue covered bergeres.
363  Pair finely carved 19th cent Louis XV blue covered armchairs.
364  Early cent Louis XVI two door, two drawer marble top demi-lune buffet. H86xW63xD31cm.
365  Pair glazed ceramic Chinese lidded vases / lamps with colorful animal and floral decor on yellow background. H
366  Louis XVI style two door, three drawer marble top buffet. H90xW136xD50cm.
367  Pair 19th cent bronze wash lided spelter vases, each side decorated with man's faceby the handles. H 46cm (+ clock).
368  Louis XVI style three drawer, marble top mahogany commode. H86xW118xD48cm.
369  Gilt bronze three light Empire style ''bouillotte'' table lamp. H55cm.
370  Louis XVI style marble top ''bouillotte'' table with two drawers nad tablets. H70 x dia. 60cm.
371  Four 19th cent blue colored soda bottles. Max H32cm.
373  19th cent gilt spelter mantle clock with couple. H42cm.
374  Large 19th cent glass dome.
375  Pair small Louis XV style three drawer marquetry side tables
376  Louis XV style velvet covered child chair and a late Empire style stool.
377  Turn cent gilt spelter and alabaster mantle clock with woman representing ''Industry''. H30xW36cm.
379  Various 19th cent cobalt blue ceramique bottles, vases, amphor, ect. Max H30cm.
380  One large 19th cent blue and white Chinese plate, dia 30cm and a pair of Minton plates with floral decor.
381  One single finely carved L.XV chair.
382  Three pair of framed floral theme prints.
383  Pair of gilt framed hunting scenes engravings by Carl Vernet. H53xW65cm.
384  Set of four 19th cent gilt framrd color engravings by J.B.Huet. 27,5 x 30,5cm.
385  Pair early cent straw seat country armchairs with a similar covered bench.
386  Dark medal color bronze statue of woman captured by faun. H 38 cm.
388  Pair early?cent lidded Chinese Rose family vases with floral and animal scenes. H37cm. (knob rep.)
389  Large bronze sculpter of (1920's Oriental?) woman on a stool with a cup. H 82cm.
390  Serigraph of Bethoven by JP Vasarely.H64,5xW46cm. Tot.H84xW64cm.
391  Turn cent Empire ''Retour d'Egypt'' three door cabinet armoire with gilt bronze caryatids ornaments. H185xW157xD47cm.
392  Turn cent Empire ''Retour d'Egypt'' leather top desk with gilt bronze caryatids ornaments. H76xW146xD78cm.
392  Turn cent Empire ''Retour d'Egypt'' leather seat armchair with gilt bronze caryatids ornaments.
394  Elegant 19th cent one drawer Nap.lll rosewood center table with fine floral marquetry. H73xW100xD60cm.
395  Beautiful 19th c Nap.lll liquor cabinet with fine marquetry and extactable glass service set, one glass missing.
396  Beautiful 19th c Nap.lll liquor cabinet with fine marquetry and extactable glass service set, some glass repaired.
398  Oil on canvas with river in country landscape at dusk in a gilt gesso frame. Tot. H63 x W81cm.
399  19th cent Oil on canvas of gentlemen's portrait in a gilt frame. H78 x W68cm.
400  Two 19th cent Oil on canvas of gentlemen and lady's portrait in a gilt frame. H78 x W68cm.
401  19th cent octagonal shaped painted metal wall clock. H45 x W33cm.
402  19th c. finely carved late Empire alabaster mantel clock. H43cm. (+ pr marbe elec. Candelsticks).
403  Pair 19th cent Chinese blue vases with gilt bronze Louis XVI base and Chinese woman with landscape background. H 26cm.
404  19th c. Empire \ Charles X potico clock with fine marquetry inlay. H 45,5cm.
405  17th cent well restored two stage oak cabinet on a console base with finely carved faces on top section. H139xW101xD57cm.
406  19th cent cast iron scale with a rooster crowing at sunrise. W 65cm.
407  Turn cent . Louis XV two door, marble top marquetry buffet. H100xW104xD39cm.
408  Early cent Louis XVI two drawer, marble top fine marquetry commore.H85xW97xD42cm.
410  19th c Louis XVI white marble mantle clock with bronze statue of Cupid beside mouvement by Butneau,Autun. H31cm.
411  Various collectable Burago cars : Ferrari GTO, Testarossa, Jaguar E type, Renault Alpine ....
412  Tall turn cent. Candlestick (elect) on tripod base, H44,5cm ; joining a 19th cent Parisian porcelain vase, H30cm.
413  19th cent Louis XV / XVI Transition rosewood marble top secretaire. H132xW62xD36,5cm.
415  18th cent cast iron fire plate with two angels holding a crowned coat of arms. H57xW62cm.
416  Large turn cent cast iron fire plate, 69 x 69cm and pair andirons.
417  Various 19 and 20 cent plates including three Japanese Imari and five Eastern France with floral decor.
419  19th cent Louis Ph. Black marble top side table.H74xW40xD32,5cm.
421  19th c Nap.lll violin shaped wall clock with fine mother of pearl marquetry and hand painted floral decor. H62xW51cm
422  19th cent bronze travel clock with alarm setting. H14,4xW8xD6,5cm.
423  19th cent glass dome. H39cm.
424  19th cent glass dome. H44cm.
425  Pair Nap.lll candlesticks on a black marble base. H45cm.
426  Large 19th cent. Chinese white & blue Nankin vase,H45cm / lamp.
429  19th cent fine quality Louis XVI, 4 door mahogany library case of which 2 middle mesh-wire doors and 6 draw. H172x200x41cm
430  19th cent Louis XVI mahogany bevelled mirror with gilt bronze ornaments. H174 x W130cm.
431  19th cent two door oak country buffet. H108xW160xD50cm.
432  Pair early cent Montigny hand painted plates with caste by countryside scene. Dia 28cm.
433  Pair 19th cent Chinese ceramic Nankin baluster vases with worrior scenes. H 36cm.
434  19tn cent. Louis XV gilt oval mirror with rich ornated pediment (rep.) H100 x W69cm.
435  Pair 18th ? 19th cent caned Louis XV / Regence walnut armchairs with stretcher base.
436  Early cent Louis XVI marquetry tea table with drop glass doors. H73xW63xD42cm.
437  Early cent lght grey marble column.
438  Pair large Satsuma vases with portraits and dragon circling vases. H 45cm.
439  Oriental red wool carpet. ? X 217cm.
441  Christofle silver plated cutlery set including 12 large forks & spoons, 12 desert spoons and a large ladle in original casing.
442  Pair 19th gilt bronze Louis XVI two light candelabras by Gagneau & Cie.
445  Chinese porcelaine lidded vase with floral decor. H 36cm.
447  Very fine quality 18th -19th c. gilt ciseled bronze Directoire/Empire mantel clock. H46cm.
448  Large imposing bronze statue of winged woman representing 'Victory'. H72cm.
449  HERMES foulard ''Chateaux d'arriere.
450  18th / 19th cent. Burgundy oak armoire which specificity comes in two parts. H
451  Large 19th c. Louis XVI white marble and bronze decor portico clock. H 59cm.
452  Large 19th cent. Iron lantern with colored stained glass. H100cm
453  Large 19th cent Imari plate, dia.33cm and vase, H35cm on brass base with classic red/bleu floral design.
454  Six various 19th cent copper pots including two jam pots anda lidded pot.
455  Late 19th cent red marble top 'Chiffonier'. H99,5xW40xD36cm.
456  Set of seven + one copper pots of which one lidded. max.dia.22cm.
457  19th cent Louis XV wall / table bevelled mirror. H50 X W31cm.
458  19th cent. Nap.lll 'athenien' sellette with a faience flower pot. H104cm.
459  Elegant and clean line 19th cent two door mahagany armoire with adj.shelves interior. H200xW130xD52cm.
462  Turn cent Louis XVI single drawer, mahogany vanity with tilt top mirror. H147xW93xD51cm.
463  Pair turn cent Louis XVI marble top side tables.
465  Pair turn cent firm mahogany chairs.
467  19th c, Nap.lll cream color alabaster mantle clock. H37cm.
468  Large oblong crystal vase. W 76cm.
469  Various cuttlery including set of 12 knives,desert ladel, sugar tong and set of decorative spoons all in original casings.
470  Various boxes including Chanel,Christian Dior and Louis Vitton.
471  19th c. gilt spelter mantel clock, putty kneeling holding a bird. H36 x W39cm.
472  19th cent glass dome. H47cm.
473  19th cent cherry country single drawer console. H82xW90xD43cm.
474  Various sizes of pearls necklaces.
478  Silver plated Louis XVI style tea & coffee service, max. H30cm; adding two plate warmers.
479  Three gilt rimmed cups & saucers with Empire eagle & bee emblem ( symbols that replaced the monarch lily flower).
480  19th cent Louis XV gilt bronze mantel clock. H 47cm.
481  Two colorful Murano hand made glass vases. H 34,5 & H30cm.
482  Turn cent. Finely sculpted ''Night light'' shell with the three 'Graces'. (elec.). H20cm.
483  Early cent Empire stylegilt bronze three light wall sconces. tot.H 39cm.
484  19th cent large copper lidded 'Daubiere', W46cm. and two jam pots, dia. 31cm.
485  Set of seven + one copper pots of which one lidded. max.dia.22cm.
487  Turn cent. Mannequin, dummy.
488  Pair early cent gilt brass, crystal two light wall sconces. H 36cm.
489  Pr. early cent Canton? Plates (dia.26,5cm) plus two more smaler size (23 & 20cm.)
490  19th c Nap.lll black marble mantle clock. H23,5 x W37cm.
491  19th cent gold painted ornated frame mirror. H103 x W90cm.
492  Large 19th cent bronze table lamp with two puttis supporting vase with arts attributes decor. H 62cm.
493  Large (19th ?) ,early cent forged iron six light crystal 'cage' chandelier.
495  Pair Louis XV style, silk? Covered armchairs (stain on one).
496  19th cent Louis XV rosewood 'necessaire' floral marquetry table.
497  Turn cent bronze wash spelter statue of man representing 'Agriculture'. H62cm
498  Turn cent bronze wash spelter statue of man representing 'Industry'. H62cm.
499  Pair 19th cent vases / flower pot. H17,5 x dia.18,5cm.
501  19th cent Oil on canvas with country landscape in a gilt gesso frame. Tot. H71 x W60cm.
502  Louis XVI style silver plated tea / coffee set with silver plated platter, H52 x 33cm.
503  19th cent Naplll nest of (4) tables with painted floral decor. H74xW60xD42cm.
504  Elegant Art Deco flamed mahogany nest of (4) tables with floral marquetry crown inlay. (Dominique?) H70xW59xD40cm.
505  Pair early cent Louis XV three drawer, marble top side tables. H72xW28xD26cm.
506  19th cent four leaf clover shaped marble top Louis XVI center table with fine gilt brass ornaments. H85x84,5x84,5cm.
507  19th cent Nap.lll marble top selet with gilt bronze ornaments. H83 x 35,5 x 35,5cm.
508  Turn cent Louis XVI silver plated dinner set in original three shelf case.
509  19th cent glass dome. H56cm.
510  Elegant Louis XVI two door fine rosewood marqetry armoire. H192xW133xD52cm.
511  Pair early cent Satsuma vase decorated with different portaits. H22,5cm.
513  19th cent gilt distressed mirror with floral decor. H121 x W94cm.
514  Small Louis XV style three drawer commode. H59xW52xD34cm.
516  Two 19th cent still oil paintings (fruits) on canvas with a gilt painted gesso frame. H49,5 x W63cm.
518  'Deep Ocean'' laquered vase / lamp by J.N.Bouillet. H 39cm (vase only).
519  Pair gilt bronze two light crystal wall sconces. H25 x W30cm.
520   Small Louis XVI rose wood sun burst marquetry top round table. H48,5 x dia.45cm.
521  Turn cent Louis XVI fire screen with fine needle point floral decor. H109 x W63cm.
522  Art Deco 2+1 faux drawer door breakfront in Macassar ebony, a marble in center part. H97xW200xD56cm.
523  Set of six black laquered Art Deco leather covered seat chairs with Macassar ebony back.
524  Sleek line Art Deco table with pull out extentions in Macassar ebony. H75xW108xD100cm, (open 270cm.)
525  Art Deco 2 side doors with center vitrine buffet in Macassar ebony. H95xW140xD46cm.
526  Richly carved turn cent Louis XV walnut fire screen with fine floral needle point tapestry. H119 x W72cm.
527  Three modern brass nest of tables with smoked glass top. H41,5xW48xD36cm. (large)
528  19th cent Louis Ph. Black marble top side table.H75xW45xD35cm.
530  Two 19th cent scales withtwo sets of bronze weights in original casing plus three cast iron.
531  Pair alabaster ''Medicis'' vase / lamp. H34 x dia.24,5cm.
532  Pair turn cent crystal 'basket' form ceiling fixture and a larger single one. Dia.29,5cm (large)
533  18th cent cast iron fire plate with a crowned coat of arms. H63xW57cm.
534  19th cent Louis XV red marble top rosewood side table. 85 x40 x 40cm.
535  Pair 19th cent Louis XVI marble top side tables. H85xW40xD40cm.
536  Louis XV style violin shape marble top coffee table. H50,5xW81,5xD55,5cm.
537  Seven smoked glass shelves chrome unit. H200xW80xD35cm.
538  50's folding tray cart on wheels with three platters. W62 x D44cm (platter).
540  19th cent Louis XVI walnut? ''Bouillot'' round center table with marble top and brass gallery. H76 x dia 54cm.
542  Chinese? Blue & white porcelaine vase / lamp, H32cm (with base) and a pair of signed Delft vases, H32cm.
543  19th cent glass dome. H39cm.
544  19th cent Nap.lll marble top selet with gilt bronze ornaments. H 97cm.
545  Louis XVI style marble top round center table with caned stretcher. H 72 x dia.45cm.
546  Complete dinner table set by Guy Degrenne with crumb despencer and bottle holder.
547  Adjustable wooden painter's easel.
548  Pair turn cent two light brass ''Girandoles''.
549  Turn cent 6 light crystal chandelier with matching pair of wall sconces.
550  Pair Louis XV three drawer walnut side tables.
552  Eight 19th cent Louis Ph. straw seat country chairs.
553  Early/mid cent three stages eight light brass chandelier. H 82cm.
554  Medieval floral cecor tapestry with courting couple, H118xW99cm. (with hanging bar).
556  Christofle silver plated tea pot and sugar bowl plus two sets of (dessert) forks & spoons and cake knife.
561  19thc. Charles X fine marquetry portico clock with a base. H55,5 x W29cm (with base).
562  Louis XV style two drawer, marble top marquetry commode. H81,5xW100xD44cm.
563  Set of 12 silver plated forks & spoons and a set of small spoons both with original casing.
564  Early cent Venitian colored glass metal choked lantern. H 55cm (+ extra chains).
565  Louis XV style cherry wood games table with flip top covering a chess board top. H73xW67xD47cm.
566  Louis XV style two drawer, marble top side table. H72xW43xD30cm.
568  Tall 19th cent Louis XVI gold leaf mirror with rich ornated top. H199 x W110cm. (scratches on mirror).
569  Louis XV style two drawer, marble top marquetry commode. H86xW113xD54cm.
570  Pair Satsuma vases decorated with various hand painted Japanese characters. H31cm.
571  Set of six 19th cent Louis Ph mahogany caned seated chairs (+ one extra caned seat).
572  Silver plated Art Deco Tea / Coffee set with Macassar ebony handles by Gallia (for Christofle?).
573  Quality 19th cent Louis XVI two wire mesh door mahogany library by Mercier Freres. H177xW125xD52cm.
574  Large early cent Imari plate. Dia.30cm.
576  Three 19th 18th? Chinese plates, larger 21,5cm.
577  Pr turn cent Nankin ceramic baluster vases animated with worriors. H31,5cm.
581  Large gilt bronze Louis XVI mantle clock garniture, H54xW32cm + large pair of 5 light candelabras,H52cm.
582  Pair early cent three light, detachable silver plated English candlesticks, H44cm.
583  Pair 19th cent gilt porcelain vases with paited family scenes. H 30cm.
584  19th c Nap.lll red marble mantle clock topped with a dish and a pair of cassolettes with repair on dishes.
585  Large 19th cent Italian finely sculpted Rococo parecloses mirror. H186 x W93cm.
586  Chinese porcelain vase / lamp,H35cm and a lidded pot, H27cm.
587  19th cent Louis Ph two door flamed mahogany vitrine.(some veneer acc. on lower skirt.) H189xW104xD37cm.
590  Louis XVI style three drawer, marble top mahogany commode. H83xW119xD53.5cm.
591  Art Deco mahogany two tier ''Table volante'' with a Louis XVI inspired style. H70xW65xD41cm.
592  19th cent Louis XV single mirror door walnut armoire with richly carved pediment.(5+1 shelves) H240xW110xD50cm
594  19th c. Louis XVI white marble portico clock garniture incl. pair candelabras. H39cm.
595  19th cent Louis XVI gold leaf bevelled mirror with finely ornated pediment.(small acc.& scratches) H146xW95cm.
596  Art Deco aluminium bar cart on wheels with removable tray. (acc. on bottom mirror) H76xW72xD40cm.
598  5 plates
602  Large 19th cent Nankin vase, small repair top rim.45cm.