Antiques Direct From France

Conditions of Sale

Goods put up for sale

Potential buyers are invited to examine the goods that might be of interest to them during the exhibitions before the auction. The lack of information on the condition of the goods will by no means imply that the lot is in a perfect state of preservation or free from restoration, wear, cracks, relining or other imperfections. The goods are sold in the state they are found at the time of the sale.

As the prior exhibition has enabled potential buyers to examine the object, no claim will be accepted once the hammer has gone down.

Auction sales

The bidders must make themselves known to the auction house before the sale in order to receive a bidding number and to ensure that their personal details are recorded beforehand. Bidders are generally present in the room. However, any bidder who would like to place an absentee bid in writing or bid by telephone may use the form intended for this purpose. The auction house will deal with auction sales by telephone and absentee bids free of charge. In all cases, the auction house cannot be held responsible with a problem with the telephone connection along with an error or omission in the execution of the absentee bids received. In the event of two identical absentee bids, preference will be given to the earliest absentee bid. The bidder who is present in the room shall have priority over an absentee bid should the bids be of equivalent amounts. The successful bidder will be deemed to be the individual who has made the highest bid. In the event of a double bid which is confirmed as such by the auctioneer, the lot will be put up for sale again and any or all persons present will have the right to take part in the second sale by auction.


Payment must be effected immediately after the sale. In the event that the bidder has not given their personal information before the sale, they will be required to provide identification and bank details. In addition to the hammer price, purchasers will be required to pay 20% bidders fee and hst.

Failure to pay

In the event of failure to pay the hammer price and fees, formal notice will be sent to the buyer by registered mail. In the event of failure to pay after formal notice, the buyer will be required to pay an additional fee of 10% of the hammer price, with a minimum of $250.00 to cover collection costs. This clause being applied will not hinder the awarding of damages and costs for the legal proceedings which will be required and does not exclude the article being put up for sale again in a new auction. Within the framework of the resale procedure, the auction house hereby reserves the right to claim the difference of the initial hammer price and the subsequent hammer price if this last is lower, together with the costs incurred due to the second auction sale from the defaulting bidder. Furthermore, the auction house hereby reserves the right to exclude any bidder who has not complied with these conditions from its future auction sales.

Collection of purchases

No lot will be handed over to the buyer before all amounts due are settled. As soon as the auction sale is concluded, the articles will be placed under the buyers full responsibility. The auction house will not be responsible for the storage of articles. Transport of the lots is to be carried out at the buyers expense and under their full responsibility.